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VINqrcode Web Service provides a powerful and reliable QR-code recognition technology designed to help your clients quickly and effortless capture a VIN encoded in a QR-code.


A QR code is a quick response code. They are square barcodes that were first developed in Japan. A tradition barcode is presented in a horizontal line and can be problematic with today’s technology. QR codes are designed to be able to capture information more quickly and QR codes contain more information. They are designed specifically to enable consumers to quickly perform an action

with their phone. QR codes contain no fancy technology within them, they are simply a grid of pure black and white that is printed on a piece of paper and easily captured by any camera. Typically, QR codes are captured with scanner apps. The app allows you to take a picture of the barcode and then the software within the app will take the barcode and analyze the machine readable data before converting the data into the information you need. Using the VIN QR code will allow you to quickly and easily snap a picture and convert it into the information you seek. The application and technology will do all the work; all you have to do is snap the picture. You will not have to type anything in or try to remember the 17-digit VIN.

VINqrcode API Examples

VINqrcode API works reasonably well on still pictures. It has never been tested on videos.